Marilyn McManus

I currently teach a gentle Hatha yoga class which focuses on discovery, we experience new things about our abilities and possibilities through each posture using our breath to guide us, it allows us to move within our own capability while also learning to express ourselves with new confidence and agility. I also offer a mindful meditation practice to help students reach a deeper sense of calm and peace.


As so many of us, teachers will acknowledge and share yoga has changed our lives whether teaching or as a student, yoga opens our inner awareness to go deeper, that at times can be both liberating and challenging in a positive way. The ultimate goal of yoga is not just how to master a posture (asana) you don’t need to be a master there is no judgement, yoga simply described is a journey of self-transformation, it brings you to a place of peace and contentment, the benefits of this truly connects you to body, mind, and spirit.


There are some things that are so much more important and more valuable to consider in our humanity, such as kindness, selflessness, being part of a greater good. If you keep an open mind and love to learn with like-minded people and embrace and share knowledge on a regular basis you can as our yogi masters teach us, achieve self-realization and along the yoga path enjoy a fuller, less fearful and anxious life. Learn how to transform yourself and focus on building your strength and wholeness.  You will feel more joyful, peaceful, and balanced.


Yoga helps us to achieve freedom and to know that true happiness comes from fulfilling our own potential while lifting others up around us without self-gain, as humans we are able to be joyful and compassionate.  Each of us has the power to make a positive change in life, it transforms us to a higher awareness to move us to full consciousness and ultimately enlightenment.


It is by being both student and teacher that brings a connectedness to every person I meet.  With this evolving journey through yoga, I have a wonderful opportunity to help others be a better version of themselves. It is truly an honour to help others reach a deeper connection.  The practice of yoga brings you to your own spiritual journey it is a gateway into your own self-expression and grace.


Certified RYT 200 Hour through The Internal Peace Initiative with Alina Calinescu and Richard Wilkinson; lineage is through Judith Hanson Lasiter, BKS Iyengar and Richard Miller (I Rest Yoga Nidra)


Meditation Certification – The Internal Peace Initiative with Alina Calinescu and Richard Wilkinson; Richard Miller (I Rest Yoga Nidra )


Worked with Parkwood Brain Injury Institute as a patient recovering from brain trauma and then volunteered with new trauma patients through my own personal healing utilizing resources provided by the brain injury team.


Currently teaching Hatha yoga at the London Yoga Center located on Oxford Street.