Dates for Meditation with Goats:


Every Friday evening in August,  7-8 pm

$30.00 per person


Why meditation with goats?

Meditation increases your memory, attention, self-awareness and self-control, it increases blood flow to your brain.

It reduces cortisol production, a stress-induced hormone that suppresses the immune system

and can make you feel anxious nervous and unsettled for no real reason.

Meditation increases the production of good neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine,

both of which play a huge role in controlling our moods. It’s understood that low levels of serotonin cause depression.


You might ask but why the goats? 

Our goats play a huge role in minimizing the build up in stress, you will experience an abundance of cuteness

Our herd loves to be cuddled and provide a sense of playfulness and frivolity, they give affection and comfort.

 interacting with animals promotes the release of serotonin,

prolactin, and oxytocin- all hormones that can play a part in elevating moods.

There is a strong bond between animals and people, animals are accepting, non-threatening and non-judgmental

which increases self-esteem and reduces anxiety, grief and isolation.