Team Building


Team Building at The Laughing Goat Yoga Studio


Laughing Goat Yoga Studio has teamed up with Expedition Inner Wisdom Inc. to offer team building workshops for corporate, student, and private party groups. Experienced and skilled facilitator Linda Weir, the creator and owner of Expedition Inner Wisdom, specializes in the conscious empowerment for groups and individuals. Linda, with her Masters of Education in Leadership and over thirty years of experience as a secondary school teacher and administrator, works with clients to custom design experiential team-building activities (including yoga with goats!) that improve team dynamics and boost morale.  Grow the synergy of your group! Promote individual self-awareness, the foundational building block for strengthening trust between members, promoting open communication, and improving team productivity . . . and have some “kidding around” merriment along the way with Charlie, Elliot, Oliver, and Zoey – our adorable goats who ensure that folks don’t take themselves too seriously!


About your team-building facilitator . . .


Linda Weir (B.A., M.Ed., RYT200), one of Laughing Goat Yoga Studio’s instructors, is an experienced, certified, and registered yoga teacher who joined our herd just before the opening of our studio. Her cheerful, approachable, relaxed, and generous nature attracted us to her. Linda is an experienced and licensed Stephen Covey: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course facilitator and has successfully run a private, life-coaching practice.  She has completed all of the core courses of the Co-Active Life Coaching Training Program from the Coaches Training Institute in California, the Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care training sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Threat Risk Assessment Training (Levels I and II) through Lethbridge College and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and her Masters of Education in Leadership with Charles Stuart University in Australia. For over twenty years, she taught secondary school drama, English, and Special Education classes and ran numerous clubs and events including designing and facilitating leadership retreats for student council members and other high school student leadership groups. For an additional ten plus years in public education, she served as a secondary school vice-principal where she designed and led professional development workshops for teaching staff and where she created and implemented staff and student wellness workshops as well as school-wide Wellness Day celebrations.  Also in her role as administrator, she served on the school board’s Tragic Events Response Team. Linda’s community involvement includes her work in the hospital as a palliative care ward volunteer and her service as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog handler. Presently, Linda devotes her time to Expedition Inner Wisdom Inc. where she believes that empowering others to grow their self-awareness, and ultimately own their unique magnificence, can move individuals, groups, and communities towards a more conscious, healthier, productive, and harmonious existence that inevitably contributes to the greater good of one and all.




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